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Your professional partner for

  • consulting, coaching and mentoring regarding following topics:

    • Mission, Vision, Roles and Values

    • Strategy, Innovation & Change 

    • Digitalisation / Digital Transformation 

    • Organization Development & Transformation Management

    • Customer Relationship / Experience Management Strategies

  • Interim Management for

    • designing and running complex re-organisation and change projects

    • optimizing sales and business developement teams

    • helping tech-driven companys or startups approaching the Austrian market. 


If you are interested to get in touch, please use the contact details on the left. 

Standards and Principles

In my engagements I work according to international standards as described in ISO 20700 or EN16114 the "Guidelines for management consultancy services" and the code of ethics and governance published by the ARGE proEthik of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. In coaching engagements I particularly accept and agree to the ICF's (International Coach Federation) Code of Ethics

I particularly emphasize the transparent clarification of the assignement, the mutual expectations and agreed success indicators. During the project, a setting which is based on mature professionality and values the consultant's impartiality is key. 


Social, system-related topics as well as legal,ethical, risk-related and quality affecting issues are pro-actively raised by me.


During the last 15 years, I had the opportunity to work with a vast number of high-performance organisations in multiple industries and in a wide regional span. 

Related Projects

We enable growth!

  • Cosulting / Interim Management
  • Investment
  • Businessbrokerage

The extensive SME DIGITAL Funding Program introduces Austrian SMEs to digitization in 4 steps:

  • KMU DIGITAL Online Status Check: How digital is my company?
  • KMU DIGITAL Potential analysis: what should change?
  • KMU DIGITAL Consulting: How can I handle it?

a) E-Commerce & Social Media
b) Business Models & Processes
c) improving IT security

  • KMU DIGITAL Qualification: Expanding digital skills for entrepreneurs and employees

Do You Have Questions? The most important answers are provided by KMU DIGITAL FAQ.


Details on the conditions for funding within the framework of KMU DIGITAL can be found in the fundingguidelines.

Blockchain-based multilateral trading facility (MTF) for soft-utilities (grain, oilseeds, fruits & vegetables).

Arge ProEthik

Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft proEthik mit ihrer Vorsitzenden Dr. Ilse Huber, ist ein freiwilliger Zusammenschluss von Mitgliedern der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, die sich modernen Grundsätzen ethischen Verhaltens und redlicher Geschäftsführung besonders verpflichtet fühlen.


Ausdruck dieser Verpflichtung sind Ethik- und Verhaltenskodizes der Berufsgruppen, die mit dieser freiwilligen Selbstregulierungsmaßnahme mehr Vertrauen und Transparenz schaffen möchten.


Bei der Ausarbeitung solcher Grundsätze steht das in der ARGE gebildete Ethikkomitee unterstützend zur Verfügung. Das Ethikkomitee kann weiters bei Differenzen über Auslegung und Einhaltung der Ethikgrundsätze als Schlichtungsstelle angerufen werden.